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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Story of a Rescued Feedlot Foal

Last Sunday I witnessed Feedlot crulety first-hand when I visited the ranch...

He and his mother were rescued from feedlot Thursday, the mare died at the ranch Friday night. He is 1 month old.

"His story is not uncommon - taken to a feedlot, awaiting the slaughter truck next to his mother....his mother was brought to safety at our ranch, but she was emaciated and had pneumonia - she had only to see that her foal was in a safe and loving environment, and she let her life go....but he will live on, with the loving support of Dreamchaser, its donors, and its volunteers. Rescue is not a numbers game - all are individuals, all have needs, and some create a million tears." ~From Dreamchaser's Facebook page:
Many people are unaware that American horses are slaughtered in Mexico and Canada, and the meat shipped to overseas markets. Horses of all kinds end up at these cruel "Feedlots" where they wait for the slaughter truck - former pets, ex-racehorses, pregnant mares, foals....the list goes on and on. They are often denied food and water and medical care and are forced to live in horrid conditions before they are brutally murdered. This cruel and disgraceful practice has to end NOW!

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  1. Makes me so sad! I received a forwarded e-mail through Equine Voices asking if anyone could help these mares/foals. I wished that I could have taken at least one of these mares or babies...
    Such a horrible waste of beautiful animals.