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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art Withdrawl and Horse Withdrawl

We just bought a house (yay!) and are in the process of moving in, so there has been little time for art and playing with horses. :( I saw Sinatra (my adopted horse from the rescue) briefly on Sunday, and I managed to get a couple new pendants and paintings up in my stores. Can't wait to get my new workspace set up in the new house and get back to business! :)

And I had to throw in this cute pic of my son Benjamin wearing my hat! He LOVES hats! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pics From The Desert

A few of my favorite pics from the Superstition Mountain area, a beautiful place...
A teeny little spadefoot toad. They were everywhere!

More pics from the Superstitions.

There are lots of fun legends and stories about gold hidden somewhere in these mountains!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Pics From Volunteering

Hope and Charlie - mini donkeys.

My boy Sinatra (right) with Princess.

Magic and my son Benjamin.


Ty and Magic

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some of My Favorite Horse Pics

A few of my favorite pics taken while volunteering...

Baby Sunday checking out my son's stroller!

Princess making a funny face.

Rosie and Sunday.

"Oni" - means "life" in Lakota. Pretty girl.

My boy Sinatra rolling in the morning sun.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dreamchaser's Newest Foal

Meet "Dreamer," the Rescue's newest foal.

I think he's gorgeous and sooo sweet too!

Running Horse Art Magnets

I really love making these magnets. I am planning on working on wall-hangings in the same style, so check for them. :)

Newest Art Cards

Created with fluid acrylics by Golden (which I love!) as well as acrylic mediums and mixed media such as charcoal and oil pastel.

These little paintings can be framed, displayed on a mini-easel, or added to the rest of your ACEO collection.

Check out my Etsy shop for more info about ACEO's.

Dunrovin Ranch and Dreamchaser

I volunteer for Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation, located at Dunrovin Ranch in New River AZ. I also donate a portion of my Etsy sales to the rescue, and include leaflets from the rescue in each Etsy order.

A bit about the Ranch (taken from their web site:

The Dunrovin Ranch is a boarding, teaching, PMU rescue and placement facility located in New River, Arizona. We are located in the Sonoran Desert, 35 miles north of Phoenix. The ranch is close to Anthem, Desert Hills and Cave Creek making the Dunrovin Ranch an ideal location for boarding.

With only being a few minutes ride from the Tonto National Forest and thousands of acres of Arizona state land, the Dunrovin Ranch is an exceptional facility for riding!


The Dunrovin Ranch was a dream conceived in 1993 with the purchase of land in New River, Arizona. An eight-stall mare motel was initially constructed on the property. However, by the time it was built, the motel was already too small for the number of horses that Susan and Jamie Thompson, owners of the Dunrovin Ranch, had acquired.

In 2002, the Dunrovin Ranch went from a four-horse home to a twelve-horse home almost overnight when Susan and Jamie discovered PMU foals needed homes, too. The initial plan was to adopt only one PMU foal but that plan was quickly changed when the necessity of homes were needed for these beautiful horses. Otherwise destined for feed lots, three foals were adopted and two months later, two pregnant PMU mares were added to the herd! Thus, the Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation Facility was born.
Learn more about Dreamchaser:

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