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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its The Holiday Season

I cannot believe its already December! Time has just been flying by. Feels just like it was Halloween and now Christmas is right around the corner!

The Fall season was busy! In October I had record Etsy sales and was able to make some nice donations to the Horse Rescue! I worked like crazy the whole month through to keep merchandise in my shop. November sales have actually been super slow, and I have been focusing on painting rather than my clay creations. I attended the Thunderbird Artist's Art and Wine Festival in Carefree in November, and I was really inspired by all the bold Contemporary Southwest Art that was on display there. I hope to join in and exibit at this Festival soon - maybe even next year. So...I need to get busy completing some paintings!

I have also been making gemstone beaded necklaces for the Rescue. Susan has purchased some great pewter pendants and I have been beading them for her. You can find the necklaces in my Etsy shop: 100% of sales from these necklaces are going to the Rescue! They make great Xmas gifts.