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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Precious Faith

Faith is a baby mini-burro and she is the most precious thing ever! Here she is with her momma (with their matching fly masks. I can't wait for the end of fly season!) I didn't know much about baby burros before I came here, but now I am completely in love!

So is everyone else who meets her. She is a little doll!

This pic is touching - Hope the mini-burro and the new Feedlot Rescue. If only human beings could get along so well...


  1. yes - very touching picture! and words!

    (some people are getting better at it:)

    is a burro a donkey?? please excuse my ignorance

  2. Annette,

    Yep! She is a miniature donkey. :) Faith (the baby) was so small when she was born, you could pick her up and carry her around. She is still small enough to put into my car (I have thought about stealing her several times) ;P