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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Necklaces from Florida Cowgirl

Some more great necklaces for sale featuring my clay horse tiles - created by the owners of Florida Cowgirls

Marsh Ponies
Colorful necklace using blue and green turquoise, various sizes and shapes, with a 2 ¼” square concho using an artisan made from Arizona clay insert, portraying running horses, in an eye-catching metallic finish and surrounded with more blue and green turquoise chips. Approx. length 17” and closes with hook clasp.

Ride Me to the Moon
Another unique necklace…this strand consists of various blue-green turquoise beads in great shapes and sizes, with hints of copper throughout. But the real impact is the concho! A big 2 ¼” square silver gold blank concho that we embellished with a beautiful handcrafted polymer clay horse insert with a metallic finish, made by an artesian from Arizona, and finished with a border of turquoise chips. Length is approx. 17 ½”.

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